Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A Whole New Start...

... and the plan is definitely not working so it's time to suck it up, admit that I am a carb and sugar addict no matter how hard I try to fight it yet again and start fresh with a whole new plan!

My goal, as it has been all this time, is to get to a healthy weight and be fit, healthy and strong but doing low carb and "if it fits your macros" is not working. To be precise, the low carb would work just fine on it's own if I were to actually keep it to healthy low carb, it's the IIFYM that's throwing me off because I keep trying to convince myself that I can handle one slice of bread or one cookie or one whatever and... spoiler alert... I can't!

One piece of bread turns into half a loaf, one cookie turns into a dozen and basically I end doing what I've always done... overeating, binging and convincing myself that I can do better tomorrow. And then tomorrow comes and the whole thing starts all over again because I am a simple carb and sugar addict and I always will be.

On top of that I've been really sick so I decided to eat whatever made my throat feel okay which basically consisted of bakery items and ice cream so at this point in time I am totally and completely of track and I can't keep going this way. I'm sick and tired of losing the gaining the same 6-8 lbs since December. I'm sick and tired of nonstop headaches (which I'm convinced are coming from the white sugar and carbs). I'm sick and tired of none of my clothes fitting and being completely out of shape and I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! It's time for a huge change and it all starts tomorrow with a new weigh-in, new measurements and a new plan.

So here it is: I'm going back to a "cheat free" diet plan/lifestyle change. I'm not going to do keto because I can't but I am going to do cheat-free low carb. I know I said I don't want to look at food as "good foods" and "bad foods" but at this point in time I have to.

The plan is to do this just like I did the cheat-free keto but keep it 40-100 carbs higher with those carbs only coming from veggies and fruit. No more bread, no more pasta, no more pizza; basically no more simple white carbs and sugars. I just can't handle them in any shape or form.

I'm still going to track calories and protein, fat, carbs, fiber and sodium. I'm still going to measure and weigh my food and I'm still going to use a lot of my keto recipes. I'll just be able to have things like sweet potatoes with my dinner. My goal is to get back to 3-4 veggies a day with high protein and I plan to keep this going until Christmas.

I've done this before with keto so I know I can do it again. I just need to detox from the simple carbs and sugars again but that will be good for me. Maybe someday I can work on incorporating some of those foods back into my life but right now I can't and I'm okay with this.

I'm also getting back to working out starting this weekend (I hope because I'm still sick). The gym isn't going to work so I'm going to focus on my home workout A-G plan and get going with that again plus start up the daily yoga poses and then 10,000 steps a day. I just need to get over this bug that doesn't seem to want to leave.

I honestly feel ready to do this now and I can't wait until I'm feeling better from both the illness going away and from finally eating the right foods and I definitely think it'll be worth it!

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  1. YOU GOT THIS! I love that you're open to trying new things instead of going back to the same plan that only works temporarily over and over again. Well done, you!