Thursday, April 11, 2019

Healthy Low Carb/IIFYM Lifestyle Weigh-In - April 4th - Week Two

I pretty much broke even on weight loss this week. I didn't really lose (well, 0.2 lbs but that's really nothing) but I didn't gain either and I'm okay with this. There were two days in the past week where I went really off track and just ate whatever sounded good and went way, way over my calories so, honestly, I'm just happy to not have gained.

I also did one fast this past week, did at least 10,000 steps for 5 out of the last 7 days and did stay on track for the other 5 days so I didn't do too badly. I'm still dealing with constant headaches and not feeling well but I'm at the point where I need to find a way to live my life with those issues because they don't seem to be getting better right now.

I plan to be much more on track with food in this coming week, continue with the 10,000 steps and get back to working out. The good news on the workouts is that I'm going back to the gym and I can't wait! I really needed a big change to kick myself back into gear and this is definitely a change plus I've been feeling really disconnected from the local fitness community and this is exactly what I need to be around other fitness people plus the gym makes me work hard!

I should be able to start next week and I have my A-G gym workout almost ready to go, it just needs a little bit of editing and then it's all set. Now I just need to drop this cold I picked up from Charles and I'll be good to go!

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